Verdicts And Settlements From Our Firm's Medical Malpractice And Nursing Home Injury Cases


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    Hospital And Emergency Room Errors

    Female patient suffers severe brain injury due to cardiopulmonary arrest while being "monitored" in hospital: $3,983,000 *

    Teen suffers brain injury in hospital due to improperly administered medication and cardiopulmonary arrest: $3,618,000 *

    Paraplegia in 55-year-old woman resulting from undiagnosed spinal epidural abscess after several ER visits: $1,500,000

    Female suffers brain injury in hospital as a result of improper nursing and physician treatment: $1,200,000

    Failure to prevent stroke in 61-year-old who was presented with TIA: $625,000

    Female suffers heart attack and death while in hospital due to nursing and doctor negligence: $500,000

    Female dies in hospital following improper monitoring of respiratory function: $450,000

    Anesthesia Error

    Death of 53-year-old woman who died from anesthesia error: $1,500,000

    Death of infant resulting from improper anesthesia for eye surgery: $350,000

    Diagnosis Errors

    Death from cervical cancer due to misread Pap smears: $3,590,000

    Jury verdict - 60-year-old female's death due to undiagnosed kidney stones and infection by family physician: $3,511,000

    Jury verdict - Female suffers debilitating heart attack after her family physician fails to diagnose a heart disease: $2,540,000

    67-year-old man suffers quadriplegia after failure to diagnose spinal epidural abscess: $2,250,000

    Death of teenager from pulmonary embolus due to negligent failure to diagnose and treat blood clots in leg: $300,000

    Jury verdict in death of 55-year-old man from incorrectly diagnosed bone marrow disease: $930,000

    Death after negligent failure to diagnose kidney tumor: $875,000

    Female dies of severe pancreatitis following negligent failure to diagnose hyperparathyroid condition: $750,000

    Death from heart attack following failure of emergency and family physicians to diagnose impending heart attack: $750,000

    Delayed diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease: $625,000

    Jury verdict - 62-year-old female was not properly screened for colon cancer, resulting in death: $603,000

    Spinal cord injury resulting from a delayed diagnosis and surgical correction of epidural abscess: $600,000

    Female dies from infarcted bowel following negligent failure to diagnose ischemic bowel condition: $450,000

    Male suffers spinal cord injury following delay in diagnosing spinal cord tumor: $450,000

    Female dies from stomach cancer following negligent delay in diagnosis: $440,000

    Death of female from failure to diagnose curable lung cancer from X-ray: $300,000

    Surgical Errors

    Death of 37-year-old man after unnecessary surgery on aorta: $2,200,000

    Jury verdict - Permanent breast disfigurement after negligent breast reconstruction procedure: $1,800,000

    Death of 58-year-old woman from undiagnosed blood loss following cardiac catheterization: $1,650,000

    Jury verdict - Female suffers permanent injury to urinary tract due to negligent sling procedure: $1,332,162

    Brain injury and death to male negligently intubated into his esophagus, prior to surgical procedure: $1,000,000

    Male suffers brain injury following brain surgery when he fell and hit his head, due to negligent nursing care: $925,000

    Jury verdict and appeal in death of 62-year-old man who developed enterocutaneous fistulas after unwarranted surgery: $750,000

    Death due to negligent delay in reoperating for abdominal infection following bowel surgery: $600,000

    Jury verdict - Male dies from pulmonary embolus following negligently placed vena cava filter: $500,000

    Male suffers loss of colon after negligent bowel surgery: $500,000

    Birth Injuries

    Newborn suffers severe brain injury due to improper vacuum extractor use at birth and delayed delivery: $3,900,000 *

    Newborn suffers severe brain injury when nurses and doctor delay delivery following a uterine rupture: $2,200,000 *

    Newborn brain injury due to delays by physicians and nurses in performing cesarean section: $1,000,000

    Newborn brain injury following negligent delay in delivering premature baby following placental abruption: $700,000

    Newborn injury to brachial plexus resulting in Erb's Palsy following negligent delivery: $700,000

    NICU death of twin following negligent use of misplaced TPN PICC line: $700,000

    Newborn baby injury to brachial plexus resulting in Erb's Palsy due to improper delivery: $495,000

    Newborn brain injury resulting from delays in performing cesarean section delivery: $400,000

    Newborn brain injury resulting from improper forcep delivery: $400,000

    Newborn death resulting from nursing delay in obtaining emergency delivery after uterine rupture: $400,000

    Medication Errors

    Death of 27-year-old woman from toxic effect of being administered wrong cancer drug: $2,000,000

    Liver failure and transplant following improper drug monitoring and counseling by physician and pharmacist: $1,500,000

    Treatment Errors

    Death of 60-year-old woman because she did not have an implanted cardiac defibrillator: $800,000

    Death of 56-year-old woman due to inappropriate treatment for melanoma: $800,000

    Male dies from pulmonary embolus following negligent treatment of blood clots in leg: $750,000

    Partial paralysis in 40-year-old man following chiropractic treatment: $725,000

    Female suffers stroke following improper treatment of multiple TIAs over one-week period: $400,000

    Nursing Home Neglect

    Child nursing home patient suffocates when nurses fail to provide proper tracheostomy care: $5,618,000 *

    Elderly nursing home patient negligently allowed to fall out of bed, resulting in brain injury and death: $1,150,000

    Nursing home patient suffocates when head is caught in bedside rail due to negligent monitoring: $500,000

    Death of nursing home patient resulting from multiple bedsores and poor nutrition: $350,000

    Death of nursing home patient resulting from severe bedsore: $325,000

    * Settlement figures with asterisk include guaranteed future payments from insurance company.