Avandia Use May Lead to Serious Injury

Avandia Use May Lead to Serious Injury

Avandia is a well-known Type 2 diabetes drug made by GlaxoSmithKline. A recent study from Cleveland Clinic has shown that Avandia actually may have detrimental side effects in that it may be a significant contributor to heart attacks. The study, released by prominent cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen, is a culmination of over three years' worth of research and work on the drug. In fact, according to his editorial, several doctors and diabetes specialists suggest not using Avandia. Fluid retention and heart failure are the main problems associated with Avandia.

Investigation by Congress

On Feb. 22nd, 2010, the United States Senate finance committee condemned GlaxoSmithKline's practices as deceptive and concluded that the drug company knew that the drug had the potential for serious and harmful effects on the human heart. The Senate also stated that Glaxo had intimidated independent researchers who had data affirming Nissen's findings that Avandia may increase the chance of heart attack by almost 50 percent. The troubling part about the government's sudden change of opinion regarding Avandia is that it comes several years after researchers had warned about the problems associated with using the drug. The Food and Drug Administration plans on reviewing the data again and holding a public meeting in mid-2010 to present their findings.

Warning Signs: Are You at Risk?

It is possible that those who have taken Avandia or are currently taking it could be injured. The Food and Drug Administration warns that those who are currently taking Avandia should not suddenly stop taking it without the approval of their doctor. Individuals should be closely monitored for adverse side effects that include rapid weight gain, difficulty breathing and swelling. Anyone exhibiting these symptoms who has been taking Avandia should talk to a doctor immediately in order to avoid congestive heart failure. For those who are currently taking Avandia regularly, there may be suitable alternatives that are safer, speak to a doctor to learn more.

Consult With an Attorney

If you or a loved one has been taking Avandia and you believe it may have caused injury, speak to an attorney in your area today. A lawyer can investigate your situation, explain your legal rights and help you determine the best course of action.